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We invite you to join the team of “Timber Cabins” Ltd, one of the largest wooden house manufacturing companies in Lithuania. We sell our products not only in Lithuania, but also in more than ten other European countries, so you can find a wide variety of career opportunities here! We invite both young specialists who want to improve and learn, and experienced employees who would complement our team with their knowledge and experience to join the team.

We are constantly expanding our retail network throughout Europe and closely cooperate with companies in the business-to-business sector, aiming to make the highest quality wooden houses we produce easily available to every customer. Therefore, our team employs a whole group of specialists from various fields: from marketing, advertising specialists, sales managers to builders, carpenters, workshop workers, work managers, designers etc. Depending on your experience, knowledge and desire, you can work with the markets of Lithuania and other countries, such as Italy, Spain, Latvia etc. If you think that the future of your career is at “Timber Cabins” Ltd, familiarize yourself with the currently active job advertisements and contact us!

At “Timber Cabins” Ltd, we offer self-realization, learning and growth opportunities for both young, ambitious individuals and experienced specialists in their field. If you're still studying, learning a trade or have just graduated, our junior specialist roles may be right for you. In these positions you would work alongside experienced staff and could confidently take the first steps in your career. Of course, long-term work experience and knowledge are highly valued in our team, so we are constantly looking for experts in our field who could contribute to our team and help achieve the highest results! Welcome to join!

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