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Quality takes up not only high-quality materials, but also careful work, convenient use and detail of the project, considering everything down to the last detail. We strive to ensure the highest quality standards, which begin with purchasing wood, the main material for building the houses, and continue throughout the design, manufacturing and construction process:
•    Wood of the highest quality.
Per year, we use more than 25,000 m³ of northern spruce timber, which is the main material used in the construction of our houses. For windows, we usually use pine wood which is harder and ensures the quality and durability of the window frames. We purchase wood from certified suppliers in Sweden and Finland to offer you only the products that meet the highest standards.
•    Experienced craftsmen who know their work.
Many years of experience and continuous improvement allow our craftsmen to put the best technologies, innovations and accumulated knowledge into practice. The result is high-quality, time-tested and modern houses that will delight you for many years!
•    Well-thought-out projects that meet the diverse needs of our clients.
Designers pay a lot of attention to the creation of our projects and consider every detail to make your house even more comfortable. In addition, each standard design can be adjusted and adapted to your individual needs, thus ensuring even more comfort.
•    Attention to ecology and sustainability.
Our vision is to create comfortable and functional homes that blend harmoniously into the nature around us. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to use as many renewable, ecological materials as possible in our production process. Wood is one of the most ecological building materials, the CO² footprint of a house built from it is one of the lowest.

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