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Implemented projects

Looking for ideas? Do you want to see what the already built wooden summer houses look like? Take a look at the wooden houses that our customers are already enjoying! On this page, you will find customer reviews, photos of various already implemented projects, and detailed information about the modifications made.

If you are just getting started with wooden houses, you probably want to get to know as many models as possible and see how they might look on your property. The “Implemented projects” page is a great place to see how various wooden buildings (carports, garages, garden rooms, summer houses) can look in your plot in or out of the city. Realized ideas of customers – wooden summerhouses – are also located in garden areas, country homestead areas, single homesteads, near rivers, lakes etc. In each case, the garden room or other auxiliary building can be adapted to the existing landscape and the size of the plot, for example, by enlarging or downsizing the terrace or installing an additional wall to the terrace that would provide privacy. On the contrary, if the house is going to be built in a single homestead, an open terrace or balcony that would allow you enjoy the nature surrounding the house could be installed.

Among the projects implemented by us, you will find both standard house models and various modifications requested by customers. We also build various auxiliary buildings: garages, carports etc. Don't forget that once you find a house model you like, you can get in touch with us for the modifications you want to create the vacation home of your dreams!

Apuokas 2021-02-03 (3)


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Lakštingala-2021-02-03 (2)


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Gandras-2021-02-03 (4)


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Escur-2021-02-01 (4)


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Sodo namelis Michigan 2022-07-21 1


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Sakalas-2021-02-03 (1)


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Povas-2021-02-03 (3)


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Strutis-2021-02-03 (7)


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Scandinavian log cabin Victoria


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Klifas-2021-02-03 (4)


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