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Construction work/installation services


1. Self-build
For the more adventurous, and those accustomed to general construction, you can carry out your own assembly.

However, we don't recommend self-build for non-professionals. An assembly manual with parts list and general instructions is supplied with the chalet. These are not Ikea instructions, so a little experience is required. To do it right, we recommend a team of 2 to 4 people, depending on the size of your chalet (or level of DIY skill), and the right tools.

If you have no DIY experience, we strongly advise against it.  It can become quite a complicated job in most cases. That's why we provide you with professional workers who know the products inside out, and will set up the structure in no time at all. A job done quickly and well!

2. The out-of-water out-of-air assembly service
Our specialists take care of setting up your cabin. All you need to do is prepare the foundations beforehand, and find the local craftsmen who will take care of the plumbing and electricity.

The cost is approximately :

●    30% of the chalet price for the chalet structure with joinery, sheathing and floor.
●    15 EUR/m2 for steel panelling
●    20 EUR/m2 for the installation of wall insulation with framing and roofing
●    10 EUR/m2 for floor insulation installation

To receive a quote for assembly, please contact our customer service department first. You'll receive all the details of the chalet you need. Then we can calculate the total cost of assembly.

3. Turnkey solution 
This service is now possible with our assembly partners. The cost depends on the project, and we calculate it only when the plans are defined with you. It comes to around 1800-2200 EUR/m2. So consider an average of around 2000 EUR/m2 if you want an average estimate.

1.    GROUND FLOORING (excluding services and connections)
2.    Full slab, including supply and drainage network
3.    ASSEMBLY including installation of kit joinery
4.    ROOF: Installation of manufacturer's insulation (no tile installation).
5.    PLUMBING ready for sanitary fittings
6.    Supply and installation of 200L electric water heater, with HP/HC remote control (Atlantic or similar)
7.    Manufacturer's RT2012 underfloor insulation
8.    ELECTRICITY with switches, sockets, light points, VMC double flux and electrical panel and installation of radiators
9.    and installation of customer's radiators and towel dryers
10.    WALL INSULATION with manufacturer's insulation
11.    Supply and installation of 90x90cm SHOWER CABIN ( ¼ circle or square) including mixer tap
12.    Supply and installation of WC (GROHE or similar)
13.    Supply and installation of BASIN ON COLUMN including mixer tap (GROHE or similar)
15.    Application fees (creation of customer file, project estimate, portfolio interview with trusted assembly technicians, agency operating costs)

You will receive a full estimate. It's up to you to decide if you wish to exclude certain items.  These estimates are available within 7 days.

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