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The wooden house (hereinafter referred to as the "Product") is guaranteed for five years. Repair or replacement of the Product during the Warranty Period shall not extend the Warranty Period and shall not create a new Warranty with a new Warranty Period. The warranty for items replaced or repaired during the warranty period, where the replacement or repair is considered to be a remedy for a defect in the main item, shall expire at the same time as the Product warranty. If mandatory provisions of law provide for different warranty conditions, the mandatory provisions of law shall apply.

1. General warranty conditions

1.1 The Product must have been purchased from the manufacturer or from a distributor authorised by the manufacturer ("Seller") and the end user of the Product ("Buyer") must have acquired ownership of the Product prior to the occurrence of the warranty event.
1.2 The Purchaser shall ensure that the Product is used for its intended purpose and is suitable for construction and operation at the intended location.
1.3. Garantijos terminas pradedamas skaičiuoti nuo visų Pardavėjo atliktų statybos darbų rezultatų perdavimo Pirkėjui dienos (kai statyba vyko rangos būdu) arba nuo statybos užbaigimo dienos (kai statyba vyko ūkio arba mišriu būdu). Kai Gaminio montavimą ir kitus darbus atlieka ne Pardavėjo meistrai, tokiu atveju garantija pradeda galioti nuo Gaminio pristatymo Pirkėjui momento arba krovinio vežimo sutartį patvirtinančio dokumento (važtaraščio) pasirašymo momento, arba Gaminio priėmimo-perdavimo akto pasirašymo momento.
1.4. Garantija galioja tik tuo atveju, jei Pirkėjui montuojant Gaminį buvo griežtai laikomasi montavimo instrukcijų. Apie visus Gaminio projekto pakeitimus, kurie atliekami po Gaminio priėmimo-perdavimo momento, iš anksto turi būti informuojamas Pardavėjas.
1.5. Garantiniu įvykiu laikomas galimas Gaminio konstrukcijos defektas arba defektas ir (arba) trūkstamas elementas, kurio taikymo sritis nepatenka į šios Gaminio garantijos 2 punktą.
1.6. Pirkėjas Pardavėjui turi pranešti apie prekės kokybės reikalavimų neatitiktį nedelsiant, bet ne vėliau kaip per du mėnesius nuo neatitikties aptikimo dienos.
1.7 When submitting a warranty claim to the Seller, the Buyer shall submit one or more photographs showing the defect in the Product, a description of the defect in the Product, the design name of the Product and the serial number assigned to the Product by the UID (unique identifier) (the number is specified in the installation instructions and other documents of the Product). 
1.8 The scope of the Seller's liability during the warranty period shall be limited to the defective element of the Product to be rectified in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Product warranty. The Buyer and the Seller agree to remedy the defect in the Product as soon as possible. 
1.9 The Seller shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages not caused by the Seller. In the event of doubt, the Seller reserves the right to investigate the incident for more than 14 days and, at its sole discretion, to engage experts to determine whether the Product has been installed in accordance with the installation instructions provided and whether the circumstances set out in clause 2 of this Product Warranty exist which exclude the Product from the warranty, and shall inform the Buyer immediately of this.
1.10. Replaced elements of the Product shall become the property of the Seller.

2. Exclusion of warranty

This guarantee does not apply to:
2.1. damage caused by improper storage of the Product after the Product has been handed over to the Customer (exposed to weather conditions, contact with the ground or in heated rooms), and/or damage caused during transportation and installation of the Product. Damage caused during transportation (if the Product was delivered to the Buyer's residence or other address) which can be identified before the goods are accepted (i.e. before unloading from the vehicle) shall be recorded by taking one or more photographs which shall be transmitted to the Seller.
2.2. minor transport damage to the elements of the Product, which does not affect the functionality of these elements, provided that the visual appearance can be restored (e.g. by gluing together a broken corner of wood).
2.3. errors made during the installation of the Product by the Buyer, if:
2.3.1. the installation instructions have not been followed during the installation of the Product;
2.3.2. weather conditions (high winds, snow, ice or rain) which may damage the Product have not been taken into account during the installation of the Product;
2.3.3. the distance between the top edge of the Product's foundation or the first wall element is less than 40 mm;
2.3.4. the outer edge of the bottom row of the wall of the Product is located not more than 5 mm beyond the outer edge of the foundation;
2.3.5. The lower frame of the product is not flat and/or square;
2.3.6. a moisture barrier is not installed between the Product's foundation and the structure;
2.3.7. the entire Product, including doors and windows, which, according to the instructions for storage and use of the product, must be treated with a wood preservative on both sides (to prevent discolouration, warping and expansion, moulding and rotting), has not been coated with a wood preservative within 14 days of installation. An expert and/or a paint dealer/consultant should be consulted when choosing a wood preservative. It should be stressed that an impregnant is not a sufficient wood preservative;
2.3.8. the product has not been sufficiently protected against the weather to ensure its durability, e.g. by roofing straps and fastening strips, anchors, storm balconies or other means, even if the listed accessories are not included in the wooden house kit;
2.3.9. foreign objects have been firmly attached to the wall of the Product, which prevents the Product from drying, shrinking, settling or expanding normally, in accordance with the instructions for storage and use;
2.3.10. the installation of the roof boards did not allow for a 1-2 mm expansion gap;
2.3.11. the lower roofing material (if included in the timber house kit) was not applied when the Product was installed.
2.4. changes to the Product initiated by the Buyer which may affect both the partial and complete assembly and operation of the Product. 
2.5. Wood as a natural material:
2.5.1. expansion, shrinkage (5% of the width and thickness), variations in colour, and rotation and bending of the elements, none of which shall interfere with the installation and use of the Product;
2.5.2. branches in the elements of the Product which do not affect its stability;
2.5.3. unpolished areas of the Product, cracks, other minor defects, provided that these defects are concealed under the final finish (e.g. by turning boards, roofing) after installation;
2.5.4. intact branches and black branches that have not fallen out - these may be present in the structural elements of the Product;
2.5.5. small cracks or fissures in the wood (due to drying) which have not penetrated through the elements and do not interfere with the structural stability of the Product;
2.5.6. resin pockets in the elements of the Product;
2.5.7. spikes in wooden elements
2.6. defects related to normal wear and tear of the Product (e.g. signs of wear and tear on floorboards or door thresholds).
2.7. glass elements, glass units, mechanically damaged, broken, thermally damaged or damaged due to pressure differential by the Buyer.
2.8. Normal physical phenomena (e.g. condensation of moisture due to increased internal and external temperature differences and excessive humidity. This usually affects the windows or corners of the Product (staining or mould may occur). This can only be avoided by using heating and ventilation systems).
2.9. Damage due to unforeseen factors (e.g. vandalism, flood, storm or tornado).
2.10. for elements of the Product installed in an environment unsuitable for the Product (excessive humidity, temperature differences, etc.). For example, wooden doors are not intended for damp rooms (e.g. bathrooms or saunas). When used in humid environments, they may become excessively warped or expanded, which may impair their functionality.
2.11. Damage caused by careless use of the Product (e.g. entrance doors that can be opened by wind or storm and slam against the Product wall. This may result in the hinges breaking or cracks in the wood. To avoid this, the Seller recommends the use of latches or supports (not included)). 

3. The Buyer shall forfeit the warranty in the following cases

3.1. the defective parts have already been installed or painted, although the defect in the part(s) of the Product could have been observed prior to the installation work.
3.2. the Buyer provides the Seller with incorrect or insufficient information about the Product or the Warranty Event, or fails to provide documents confirming the purchase of the Product.

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