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We Create Harmony With Pure Wood

For those who dream of living in harmony with nature, we offer exclusive, ecological wooden houses that will help make this dream come true! In 2008, we started our activities with the aim of offering high-quality wooden houses that would meet the needs of each customer. Therefore, we offer not only standard wooden house projects, but also house design from scratch or free modifications of standard projects.

The two-person team that started the journey of “Timber cabins” Ltd has expanded considerably today, and the houses we manufacture are enjoyed by people not only in Lithuania, but also in Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and other countries.

Every day we are looking for solutions that allow us to combine the highest quality standards and sustainability. Therefore, since 2012, we have only used word grown in Finland and Sweden and certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) that ensures responsible forest management. We strive for harmony with nature, from the raw materials of your house to the sustainable construction process and renewable energy sources in the house that is already built. Therefore, the vision and mission of our company combine the highest quality and sustainability:

Our mission

Our mission is to offer every customer the opportunity to live in a modern, unique, and environmentally conscious home that is built according to their individual needs and desires.

Our Vision

The company's vision is rooted in the principles of glamping and tiny houses: creating sustainable, eco-friendly homes that not only meet the highest standards of quality but also have minimal impact on the environment and low maintenance costs.


Living Our Values Every Day

Kind to Nature

Wood is not only a part of nature, but its use is beneficial for the environment. Our wooden houses are made from natural, non-petroleum materials that are recyclable and biodegradable and are also considered 'ecological'. Building with wood requires less energy, has a lower environmental impact and smaller carbon footprint than conventional building methods: wood absorbs CO2.

 Pleasant Experience

The art of influencing our customers' feelings. Stories from customers around our business create realistic scenarios of what great experience you can get when you use our products - without any need for us to talk about and praise ourselves.


Product Quality is our Top Priority. By using the best raw materials, advanced technologies and high - level skilled labour, Timber Cabins can manufacture products that meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.


We offer widely customisable product options and encourage customers to create a dream home they love. Our huge selection of cabins to spark creativity and can be changed from A to Z.


Our team - builders of our brand that make the magic happen. Architects, designers and designated sales advisors under one roof. So you enter with idea and smoothly walk out with accomplished result through the same door.

The history of Maestro Cabins


We, an entrepreneurial team of two people, started our business by designing and building sustainable and harmonious wooden houses.


We started to design and manufacture wooden houses that could be modified from A to Z, thus encouraging customers to create the space of their dreams. In the same year, a local Lithuanian brand “Meistro namai” was established.


As our products were getting more popular, a new brand “Dom mistrza” was established in Poland. We started cooperating with Scandinavian wood supply companies and started expanding our activities in Latvia.


We are growing! We are increasing factory capacity and establishing two additional factories in Žasliai and Žiežmariai. We manufacture windows and doors in Žasliai, and wooden houses in Žiežmariai.


Expansion into the French and Spanish markets takes place. Two brands, “Maestro chalet” and “Maestro casas”, are established. We have developed our own woodworking machines (CNC machines) that can operate without human intervention. This made it possible to speed up the production process and ensure impeccable quality.


We continue to grow. We are expanding in the markets of Portugal and Germany. “Maestro casas” and “Maestro Holzbau” brands are established. We opened the Kaišiadorys production unit where houses and various details for B2B customers are produced. We also digitize the management of production processes.


We are expanding our activities outside the EU. We are establishing the “Maestro Cabins” brand operating in the United Kingdom. Also, “Maestro Tuinhuizen” in the Netherlands and “Maestro case” in Italy are established. This year is a record year. We have doubled production volumes (compared to last year). In order to maintain high product quality, we introduce quality control within the company.


Development of the idea of wood pellets.