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At Maestro Cabins, we make payment simple and secure for all our orders. For everyone's security, we ask for payment in two instalments:

1.    A deposit at the time of order confirmation: 50%.
2.    The balance of 50%, when your equipment leaves our factory.

For the deposit, you pay directly by bank transfer.
It's quick and easy. Just go directly to your bank and submit the order form detailing all the information required for payment. For the more experienced, you can make the transfer directly from your home, via your own bank application or website. Regardless of your home bank.

Bank transfers generally take up to 48 hours to reach the recipient's account. Payment must be made within 7 days of order confirmation.

When your parcel is ready to leave the factory, you will be contacted by one of our agents so that you can make arrangements to go to your bank in the following days. In addition, arrival at the factory will be confirmed directly to carrier, who will confirm the delivery date. Delivery will take place between 5 and 7 days after this announcement.

There are two ways to pay:

1.    BEFORE delivery: Bank transfer. Payment by bank transfer must be made no later than the day before delivery. You will be notified of the day of delivery between 4 and 8 days in advance. Please make arrangements in good time. If the balance is not paid, the deliveryman will not be able to unload your parcel and delivery will have to be postponed. This will result in a re-delivery charge at your expense. Please make the necessary arrangements.

2.    AT TIME OF DELIVERY: Certified bank cheque. For security reasons, bank checks are not accepted. You can therefore give this certified bank cheque to the carrier on the day of delivery. Unloading will take place once the cheque has been handed over. In the event of non-delivery or an invalid cheque, a second delivery will have to be made at your expense. If the bank cheque is incorrect (amount or form), the driver has very specific instructions: delivery will not be possible on that day, and you will be billed for return and redelivery costs.

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