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Quality and sustainability throughout the production process

1. Self-assembly

Those who like a challenge and are capable of general building work can assemble their own caravans, but we recommend that you leave the work to our team of professionals. We will provide you with an assembly manual and a parts list with general instructions on how to do the job correctly. This is not a manual for a well-known brand, so you will have to use your existing knowledge on how to do the construction work correctly. A team of 3-4 people and the right tools will be needed to carry out the construction work.

2. House assembly service

Our team of specialists can take care of the assembly of your wooden house and other work related to the house structure. 

We offer the following assembly services:
- Foundation installation;
- Assembly of the wooden part of the house (floor, walls and roof);
- Installation of windows and doors;
- Insulation of floors;
- Wall insulation and external finishing;
- Roof insulation and roofing installation;
- Rainwater system installation;

To obtain a quotation for the assembly of our manufactured homes, please first contact our customer service department. Only when we have all the necessary information can we calculate the total assembly price.

Each year, we produce over 3,500 high-quality wooden houses for our customers.

 We use the highest quality timber and other materials in the production process.

Customers are already enjoying our houses in more than 30 countries.

Annually, we use 20,000 m³ of timber.

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