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Quality and sustainability throughout the production process

We focus on quality and your comfort while living in prefabricated wooden houses. Therefore, we only buy wood from certified suppliers in Sweden and Finland. Annually, we use 20,000 m³ of timber, produce about 3,500 wooden houses and 12,000 windows and doors.

For home production, we use self-developed and modified CNC machine tools, which are adapted for interlocked wall milling. Our products are well known for their quality as we only use the highest quality raw materials – durable timber from Sweden and Finland. All our timber is purchased only from reliable and certified suppliers.

Harder pine timber is usually used for the production of windows. Since timber is a natural material, it breathes and reacts to environmental conditions: temperature and humidity. This results in natural wood curvatures that are not very favourable for window manufacturers. In order to avoid this, we use laminated wood, which protects the product from any possible deformation.

We use one of the most ecological building materials – wood. In order to ensure a balance of environmental, social and economic aspects, we prefer wood from FSC certified forests. You can find out more about the certificates we currently have on the “Quality guarantee” page.

Wooden houses: from raw materials to a finished summer house

When ordering your summer house from us, you will receive a complete package of services: from idea to the finished house. Our designers will help you adjust the project of the desired house, advise and offer the best technical solutions. If you have chosen a standard project and do not want to make any changes, it will be possible to begin its production immediately. And if you want to adjust the location of doors or windows, add an additional partition etc., it can be easily done together with our designers. The production time for one project is usually 4–6 weeks. It takes another 1–2 weeks to build the house. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your summer house very quickly!

Modern technology and expanding units

We currently have 4 production units that cover more than 12,000 m² of production space and employ more than 120 specialists. Our products can be found in more than 30 countries around the world.

Each department specializes in one of several areas, thus ensuring that work is carried out by experts in their field and that materials and human resources are optimally allocated. For the production of wooden houses and summer houses, we use our own CNC machine tools, which were adapted by our experts for milling interlocking walls. You can get to know our production units in more detail below.

Each year, we produce over 3,500 high-quality wooden houses for our customers.

 We use the highest quality timber and other materials in the production process.

Customers are already enjoying our houses in more than 30 countries.

Annually, we use 20,000 m³ of timber.


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