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Fast, safe delivery, the quality carrier of choice. Our carrier guarantees delivery anywhere.

When your parcel arrives at the logistics center, the LAD (Home Delivery) team takes care of cataloguing your goods and returning them to a second carrier who will make the final delivery. 

You are informed directly by the second carrier, who will inform you of the delivery date. All deliveries are made with your approval. Without your confirmation by phone or email, no delivery will be made.

What's more, if you're not available at the time, if the date doesn't suit you... No worries. You can always reschedule for another week (not day) that suits you better. After all, deliveries are made on a departmental basis.  No cancellation is possible once the parcel has been shipped.

Delivery is made as follows, by semi-trailer equipped with an on-board cart.

Delivery is made at the entrance to the property, or on the property if the passageway is 3m wide. Sufficient traffic and parking space must therefore be available for this type of vehicle. For narrow accesses, requests for delivery in a particular area of your property that is difficult to access (with a slope), weight limitations, or dead ends, please let us know as soon as possible. Please let us know at the outset, so that we can prepare the appropriate equipment. If you need to hire a vehicle other than the semi-trailer, you will be charged a supplement of 450 excluding VAT. So please let us know when you order, or as soon as possible, to avoid any unpleasant surprises on delivery.  

Another important point: When confirming your order, you must notify us by email and telephone of any access problems.

For everyone's convenience, our carrier will always need your confirmation. So no surprise arrivals: you'll be informed of the time of day when your delivery will take place at the time of confirmation (morning or afternoon). What's more, when the driver approaches your home, he'll send you a message to let you know he'll be arriving within the hour.

Parcel size
Packages are generally from 5 to 6 m in length, packed on 120cm pallets. Weights vary from 500 kg for joinery and roofing. So be sure to allow for access and storage space. When you confirm your delivery, you can ask for the size and number of packages you will receive. Our customer service department will also be able to answer these questions as soon as the parcel leaves the factory. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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