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Adjusting the project to the plot and the customer's needs

At the Maestro Cabins, we build houses that meet our client’s needs. We want them to say, “This house is just like me”. Such customisation can be achieved by carefully listening to the client’s needs and by introducing changes to our catalogue projects on request.

What modifications can be made to the project of a wooden house? Below are changes in the projects that our clients often decide to make:

  • adjusting the shape to the terrain
  • changing the position of internal walls,
  • moving windows and doors,
  • adding windows and doors,
  • changing the shape and/or size of windows,
  • adding shutters,
  • changing the shape of the roof,
  • changing the pitch of the roof,
  • adding or removing a terrace,
  • increasing thickness of walls,
  • adding insulation,
  • roof covering,
  • increasing or decreasing meterage.

We know how important customisation is, because 93% of the houses we offered have been modified at our clients’ requests. As you can see, each house we build is co-created by its future owners. This makes us overjoyed because we want them to feel comfortable in their houses.

93% of the houses that we have built were changed on the request of our clients.

Adjusting the wooden house design to the terrain

Each project must be adapted to the plot on which the house will be built. In some cases, the plot is narrow and the house has to be modified to keep legally-regulated distances from its boundaries. Among common changes, clients often decide on removing windows and doors from a specific wall, so that the wall can be located closer to the plot’s boundary. Another common change is to reduce the size of a terrace to fit within the required parameters.

It sometimes happens that the entrance to the plot is located on a different side and the project needs to be reversed. These and other changes are made by our design team.

Each project must be adapted to the plot.

Changing the position of internal walls in a wooden house design

Changing the position of internal walls is one of the most common modifications we make to our projects. Clients often decide to combine the kitchen and the living room, reduce the size of the bathroom, or divide a larger bedroom into two smaller ones. We know how important it is for residents to customise the interior space, as it increases their comfort of living in the building.

Changing the position of internal walls is one of the most common modifications.

Moving, adding, changing the shape of windows and doors in a wooden house design

The proper woodwork can completely change the appearance of a given project. Clients often decide to increase the size of the windows, add double terrace doors, add a window, and glaze wherever they want to bring out the beauty of the view outside the window, or illuminate the interior of the house.

Many of our clients decide to add shutters that protect the property against burglars when the owners are not present. Shutters also help to keep the interior of the house cool in the hot weather.

Increasing the size of the windows or adding double doors is something that clients frequently choose.

Changing the shape and the pitch of the roof in a wooden house design

In many places in Poland, local planning regulations influence the shape and pitch of the roof. In cases when a roof has to be designed according to such plans, or when the client simply prefers a different type of roof, we introduce changes to the project to meet their needs.

In this house, we changed the pitch of the roof, the size of the terrace and the layout of the interior of the house.

Adding or removing a terrace in a wooden house design

Our clients have various needs. Some of them dream of spending time outdoors as much as possible, so they organize their surroundings in such a way that a significant part of the living space is on the terrace.

A bigger terrace can accommodate not only a place where you can relax, but also, for example, an outdoor kitchen.

Other clients are obliged to reduce the size of the terrace so that the house fits in the plot according to the legally-regulated distance from its boundaries.

In such cases, we reduce the terrace or patio on request, so that the building meets the needs of the residents.

We built a terrace in this house, according to the client’s desires. Additionally, we added extra windows.

Increasing the wall thickness in a wooden house design

When looking through our projects, you can see that walls are available in many levels of thickness. Not only the price of the house depends on the thickness of the walls, but also the possible time that it can be used during the year.

Houses with 34 mm thick walls are intended for use during the summer months. However, such houses can also be comfortable even in spring and autumn with appropriate insulation.

When choosing a house with a wall thickness of 44 or 68 mm, clients choose such a solution that, after insulation, the house becomes all-year-round. Buildings with thicker walls do not require insulation anymore. However, it is worth considering the insulation of the house for economic and ecological reasons.

Wall thicknessSeason
summerspring/ autumnwinter
34 mmwith thermal insulation
44 mmwith thermal insulation
68 mmwith thermal insulation
90 mm+
The possible period of the house usage during the year depends on the wall thickness.

Insulating a wooden house

Our houses can be ordered with insulation. Such a solution has a number of advantages. First of all, carrying out the insulation work at a later stage can lead to damaging some finishing touches, such as the floor, ceiling or wall covering. Carrying out all the work at the same time will also contribute to saving some money. When the client decides to insulate the insides of the house, the price includes finishing the walls with plasterboard.

The thermal insulation should be properly selected for the purpose of the specific building.

Regardless of what type of house the client buys from us, we recommend floor and roof insulation. This solution has a positive effect on the overall insulation of the building, e.g., on the temperature inside the house (it warms up less through the roof and releases heat more slowly at night).

The decision to insulate walls frequently results from the desire to extend the use of a particular building to another month or from concern for the environment and reduction of heating costs. Insulation can extend the period of using a summer house by even half a year! When it comes to recreational houses, insulation will allow them to be used in winter. Our all-year-round houses, due to construction law, must have wall insulation.

Wall thicknessInsulation
Summer housesYesNot necessaryDepends on the purpose
Recreational housesYesRecommendedDepends on the purpose
All-year-round housesYesYesYes

We provide insulation in 3 standards: with mineral wool, cellulose granulate and polyurethane foam. Of these three solutions, polyurethane foam has the best thermal features, but also the highest price.

The thermal insulation should be properly selected for the purpose of a specific building.

Wooden house roof covering

Each of our projects has a roof truss, which is included in the costs. The roof itself, however, requires finishing and it is the client who decides on how they want it to look.

On our part, we offer the possibility of finishing the roof. Clients frequently decide to finish the roof with a medium-quality bituminous shingle, or with a medium-quality steel roof tile.

log cabins roof
We offer the possibility of roof finishing.

The change of the meterage in the wooden house design

It often happens that the client is satisfied with the shape of the house, but they need to extend it by one bedroom or add ski storage.

Other clients want to reduce the size of the project to 35m2 so that it can be built without permission. We always try to adjust our projects to your needs.

Our projects are often extended by an additional room. It is also possible to reduce the scope of work so that the house can be built without a permit.

How do changes in a wooden house design affect the price?

The service of re-designing of the building by our team is free for our clients. This is important for our clients, because it allows the space inside the house to be planned in such a way that it will meet the needs of its future residents.

Modifications introduced by our clients do not affect the price of the house. Such a case usually occurs when clients:

  • change the position of internal walls,
  • change the functions of rooms,
  • change the arrangement of doors and windows.

Additional costs arise when the client decides to provide a solution that involves using more material. Among such solutions are:

  • increasing the number of windows and doors,
  • adding shutters,
  • increasing wall thickness,
  • installing insulation,
  • adding roof covering,
  • increasing the size of the house,
  • adding a terrace,
  • increasing the area of the house.
  • Out of these options, the most expensive one is changing the wall thickness, as it requires significantly more material than was included in the price of the original project.
The re-designing of the building by our team of experts is free of charge.

How to prepare for making modifications to a wooden house design?

It is worth noting that the selection of a house for a specific plot is not completely a client’s own choice. To find out what legal regulations apply to a specific plot, visit the Commune Office and check the local spatial development regulations.

This document contains a lot of valuable data, such as the maximum development level of the plot, the maximum height of the building, the number of storeys or the pitch of the roof. In order to choose the proper project, the size, purpose and shape of the plot is also taken into account.

It sometimes happens that the mentioned parameters significantly reduce the number of projects that can be used, and those that remain available do not perfectly match the client’s needs. This is when our team of designers gets to work, turning the ready-made project into our client’s dream house.

The choice of a house for a specific plot is determined by the legal regulations available at the Commune Office.

How can I know a price of a house with the changes made?

1. Find the model you are interested in

In our catalogue of projects, we have several dozen ready-made models, many of which are contingent on the law which regulates how houses are built in UK.

The catalogue is divided into categories, depending on the purpose.

2. Choose an individual pricing option or contact us

On the page of each project there is a module that allows you to get an individual quote, including the changes described.

You can also simply call our engineer expert by dialling the number given at the top of our page.

We have added an individual pricing module to each project.

3. Describe the modifications you want to make and send a message to us

In order to be able to give a quote, we will need a specific description of the modifications that we have to include in the scope of work.

All this information can be found on the same page that you are now reading.

A detailed description of the modifications will allow us to give a quote for the house. All pricing and modifications to the project is done by us free of charge.

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