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TOP money saving tips

“I’ve always dreamed of owning a log cabin, but not sure if I can afford it…” Does this sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

Building a custom log cabin doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, so don’t let money steer you away from building the log cabin of your dreams! We understand that few people have the luxury of building a cabin without having to worry about the budget. With the right approach and a few expert tips you can definitely save money and begin living your log dream now.

Prefabricated or bespoke design

Whether you want to build a shed, garage or cottage, the early stages of decision-making opens up two design avenues that you can go down: prefabricated and bespoke.

Common misconception is that custom made cabins tend to be much more expensive than prefabricated but let us assure you it isn’t. 

Prefabricated kit cottages of course are cost-effective and are quickly delivered, but since they aren’t made to order the aesthetic amendments are very limited and durability tends to be reduced, since quality is poorer.

You want your log cabin to be unique, right?  So, why choose a prefabricated non-customisable kit when you can go with a premade design and customise it to suit your vision. Doing so will ensure you have the home of your dreams, and not someone else’s. Good news is – few companies offer free customisation on their catalogue models and we are no exception. We believe that everything in your home should be designed and optimised for the way you and your family live. So it stands to reason that a good design and build company will create a home that’s absolutely individual to you, no matter what level of service you select. Each project is bespoke to your lifestyle, environmental objectives and budget.

budget log cabin

Plan Ahead When Building a budget log cabin

Spend some time online looking for ideas and inspiration. Pinterest is a great free option that should be utilized. Not only beautiful pictures but floor plans, advice on house models, practicalities of different sizes and advice for building a cabin on a budget. Browse away to see what designers and professional builders have done to make log cabins unique. In the end you might come to realisation that well planned log cottage doesn’t need to be big – maybe you only need two bedrooms instead of four? 

By planning ahead you shop around for the best prices on products, purchase things over time, and most importantly you won’t feel rushed into making decisions.

Go easy on custom items and add-ons

We all like to enjoy the finer things in life, but sometimes that comes at a higher price. It’s easy to get caught up in add-on’s and upgrades, but is it something that you really need?  A good log home builder and designer can help you identify what is really important to you and what is “nice to have”. Plus if they know their stuff they will adhere to everything you’ve asked… which means sticking to your set budget.

For example, every log cabin we sell includes premium quality doors and windows. You can downgrade and choose a superior quality doors for a house pantry for example. However, we don’t advice downgrading entrance doors as doing so will intervene with insulation.

Another idea is to downgrade to thinner walls. This is a practical choice if budget log cabin you’re building would be mainly used as a summer house. Even if you decide to insulate your cabin, it is enough to have thinner walls to successfully do so. Choosing thinner walls will not only save you money but won’t make you compromise on swapping doors or windows quality.

Cabin on a budget

Go off the grid

Another great way to save money on a log cabin is to build it off the grid. Essentially, this means that you’d be self-reliant and live without depending on the products of society. For example, instead of using electricity, you would live with a self-sustained source of electricity. Generators are great alternative, as they can be transported easily and aren’t a huge investment. If the cabin isn’t going to be your primary residence, this is a viable option! 

Another great alternative is installing a fireplace. Yes – it is totally safe to have one in a log cabin! It’s not only the cosiness that fireplace will bring but also an affective source of heating; logs or briquettes are inexpensive option. 

While solar energy is generally the go-to eco-friendly option, wind power is a great solution for those living in areas with reliable wind speeds.

Whether you’re planning on building a cottage in a rural area and don’t have access to an electric grid or will build in a suburb and looking to reduce your utility bill, home wind turbines are a great solution. All that’s required is a little know-how, some land and a high voltage battery bank. For around 700 € you can buy yourself a mid-range home wind turbine that can comfortably meet your needs.

Budget log cabin
cabin on a budget
cabin on a budget

Do some of the finish work yourself 

Building a cabin on a budget will require to step up in your skills and do some of the work yourself in order to save a great deal of money. Many videos on Youtube offer professional tutorials in laying tiles, painting techniques, landscaping, etc.  Just make sure you know what you are doing, and have the time to do the job correctly.

Budget log cabin

Ready to put these money-savings secrets into action and find out what it will take to make your dream home a reality? Email our professionals to get advice or the precise quote.


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