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Kolibris-2021-02-03 (2)
Kolibris-2021-02-03 (2)
Kolibris-2021-02-03 (2)
Ladoga-2021-02-02 (2)
Ladoga-2021-02-02 (4)
Ladoga-2021-02-02 (3)
Ladoga-2021-02-02 (1)


Project History

Finished house  project Ladoga| Area 25m2

Comparison between the implemented project and the reference model

Implemented Model
Kolibris-2021-02-03 (2)



0 £ with VAT

Catalogue Model
medinis namelis ladoga kolibris 65fd8ab410793

Wooden tiny house Ladoga 4x6 m, (13'x20')

Building Area

24.96 m2

Living Area

10.6 m2

Terrace/Balcony Area

11.85 m2

Zone num.


Floor Dimensions

1 - 3.93x5.77

WC zone




Wall Height

2160 mm


2 x 800 mm x 1200 mm

1 x 600 mm x 600 mm


1 x 900 mm x 1930 mm

1 x 880 mm x 1860 mm

Wall Thickness

34 mm

Roof Type

Double Sided


5 508 £ with VAT

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