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Product of the month offer for the ONTARIO XL model!

We've taken care of your enjoyable experience with Maestro Cabins ahead of time, so we've prepared fully fleshed-out and well-thought-out home designs, so that you don't have to think about the construction process, just get on with it and enjoy living in your new home!


STANDART - 9116 £
✅ Bituminous tile roofing
✅ Plastic rainwater drainage system
✅ Silver line windows and doors
✅ Wall thickness 34 mm
✅ Roof insulation 50 mm
❌ Floor insulation
❌ Wall insulation
❌ Assembly work

STANDART - 15 144 £
✅ Bituminous tile roofing
✅ Plastic rainwater drainage system
✅ Superior line windows and doors
✅ Wall thickness 44 mm
✅ Roof insulation 100 mm
✅Floor insulation 50 mm
❌ Wall insulation
✅ Assembly work

PREMIUM - 20409 £
✅ Tin roofing
✅ Metal rainwater drainage system
✅ Premium line windows and doors
✅ Wall thickness 44 mm
✅ Roof insulation 100 mm
✅ Floor insulation 100 mm
✅ Wall insulation 100 mm
✅ Assembly work

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2 zones

27 m2

34 mm

6 508 £

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Jay Dixon

I had a great experience with this company. I thought that no one would be able to do the project I wanted, but this team handled everything perfectly, I got valuable advice and it turned out even better than I imagined. My house is just beautiful. Thank you.



There were a few problems with our wooden house, but they fixed all the problems efficiently and carefully. Their team behaved responsibly and had a helpful attitude. We are satisfied with the final result


Wooden house Gila 6x7 m, (20'x23') house

Ellie Bull

I was looking for a garden house for a long time, but GILA was what I was looking for, and it fulfilled all my expectations. We had a small problem with the delivery, but it was quickly fixed.


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