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Technical specifications

Building Area

15.27 m2

Living Area

14.86 m2

Zone num.






Wall Height

2530 mm

Roof Type


Wall Thickness

42 mm

Wooden tiny house Pamplona 4x4 with overhang

1 zones

15 m2

42 mm

4 883 £ with VAT

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Maestro cabins

Discover the perfect balance of design and functionality with our 4x4 meter camping pod. With a total area of 15.27 m², every inch has been carefully thought through. The interior space, accounting for 14.86 m², includes a living room and a thoughtfully designed kitchenette, making it an ideal place for both relaxation and practical use.
What immediately catches the eye is the canopy that adorns the pod. This provides shade on sunny days and shelter from the elements, making outdoor living just a little more enjoyable. The pod also features high-quality bitumen roof tiles. Not only are these durable, but they are also available in a variety of colors, giving you the option to further personalize the pod's aesthetic.
With a height of 2530 mm and a solid wall thickness of 42 mm, the structure is robust and offers a sense of security and comfort. But the versatility doesn't end here. The living room can be effortlessly transformed into a bedroom or even an office, depending on your wants and needs. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to relax, work, or both, this pod adapts to your lifestyle.

Included in the basic price
Wooden Floors, Walls, Roof Structures, Rafters

Wooden Floors

Our flooring is made of high-quality wood, and the planks are tongue and grooved to ensure a stronger bond between them. The floor's thickness is 19 mm. The special joining technology of the floorboards reduces noise and squeaks and creates a smoother surface. Additionally, the floorboards are planed, giving the floor a modern and elegant look that can easily adapt to any style of interior.

Walls, Roof Structures, Rafters

We construct walls and floors of the highest quality wood according to the chosen project's thickness (see project specifications). If the customer requests a wall with a cross-sectional width of 90 mm or more, we usually offer glulam, which is of higher quality. Alternatively, we can also offer solid wood, which is cheaper than glulam. Our standard roof boards have a thickness of 17 mm. Thicker roof boards (19 mm or 28 mm) are available if required. The dimensions of the rafters in house projects depend on the project chosen, with 44×140 mm rafters being the most common.

Free Delivery

Delivery is included in the price of the product, so you don't have to pay extra.

The free delivery conditions are not valid if the delivery is required to a non-continental part of the country (islands, etc.), or if the delivery conditions are complicated due to a particularly difficult location or legal conditions. 

Please consult our sales managers for specific cases.

Wooden windows

We manufacture all wooden windows included in the total price of your chosen project. Our standard price includes Silver Line windows with an outward opening function. Our windows are made of high-quality wood, ensuring strength and durability. They feature a double glazing unit with argon gas, which improves their thermal efficiency and reduces noise transmission. The glazing is 14 mm thick (4+6+4), making them optimal for high-quality and safe use. These timber windows are the perfect choice for creating a cosy, warm, and secure home environment.

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Wooden doors

We use only the highest quality wood in our production process and treat it with care to offer you strong and durable doors. Our standard price includes Silver Line doors, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Our doors are secured with a special lock that gives you a feeling of security and peace of mind. We offer a choice of two door variations: full wood or a combination of wood and double glazing, allowing you to choose according to your needs, taste, and the door's function.

We believe that our wooden doors are not only a practical and reliable solution but also a great interior design element that will make your home feel cosy and warm. All doors included in the project are included in the price of the project you choose, so you don't have to worry about additional costs for doors.

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House Plans and Modifications

The standard package includes technical drawings, four facades views, floor plans, and assembly instructions. Minor modifications can be made for free with the help of a manager when ordering. Minor modifications refer to changes that don't affect the structure of the building. For instance, you can request to move windows or make small changes to internal walls or doors where the structure won't be affected, and no changes will be made to the locks.

Terrace Boards

We use impregnated terrace boards with a thickness of 25 mm for our terraces. These terrace boards are durable and require less maintenance. Moreover, the terrace boards are planed, which gives the terrace a modern and elegant look. They are installed with chamfers, which are specially shaped slats fitted between the terrace boards to provide better ventilation and allow water to drain freely from the terrace floor. They also help to prevent water accumulation and the formation of mould on the terrace surface.

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There were a few problems with our wooden house, but they fixed all the problems efficiently and carefully. Their team behaved responsibly and had a helpful attitude. We are satisfied with the final result



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